Blessings come in many forms

"If God deprives His children of any present blessing, it is so He may bestow upon them a greater and 
more glorious one by and by."
-George Q. Cannon-

Life has been so busy lately; but I wanted to write a quick blog post on how grateful I am for my Heavenly Father and the blessings He has given me.

Blessing such as my job, which subsequently blesses me with the ability to pay rent, have a car, have clothes, food, a dog.

Blessings of good health, of an amazing family and blessings of answered prayers.

I want to focus on that last one for this blog post.
I have struggled with anxiety most of my life; allowing it to control me and the things I do. By allowing it to control me, I've missed out on many opportunities (whether that's fun trips with friends, jobs, etc).

I would have anxiety about anything and everything: Starting a new job, dating, living on my own, etc.

But I decided that I was not going to be defined by anxiety. I was not going to use it as a crutch through life; and so I started praying. I prayed for Heavenly Father to help me learn to conquer my anxiety; not to take it away, but to allow me to not let it control me any longer. I didn't ask Him to remove the trial of anxiety; simply to help me learn how to conquer it.

Quick note: I think many times we mistakenly pray to Heavenly Father and ask for things to be removed. That's not how God works. Even with His son, Jesus Christ; who asked for the cup of sacrificing His life for our sins to be removed, wasn't granted. God loves us and He wants to help us succeed in life. But we have to keep in mind, we are in this life to experience trials and struggles and we have to be strong and weather the storm, so to speak. And God will help guide us out of the storm, but rarely will He removed the actual storm.

So, anyway, I asked Him to help me grow, to help teach me how to conquer it.

He brought into my life an amazing job that I am so, so grateful for. This job has allowed me to move out on my own, which I have always been anxious about. But I conquered that anxiety and am thriving.

Then He brought something else into my life...

 Fast forward to November 2018.

I was swiping on Mutual (An LDS dating app), not really paying attention to who I was specifically swiping on and then, BOOM, "It's Mutual!", which meant I swiped on a girl who swiped on me.

Her name is Taylore (Isn't she beautiful?).

We messaged a bit and then I asked if she wanted to FaceTime later that night. It was such a short FaceTime and I was disappointed when it ended; but little did I know that this was the girl God sent to me for a reason. We have FaceTimed literally every night since that first night.

I fully believe everything happens in life for a reason; whether that's a certain person being brought into your life, a certain experience you have, etc.

Taylore was the answer to my prayer on conquering anxiety. Let me explain...

As Taylore and I kept talking and getting to know each other, we planned for her to come to Florida for a few days... cue the anxiety! And boy, was I anxious that first day she flew in! But as her trip came to a close, I realized that anxiety was almost completely gone. I had learned to push through that anxiety and to conquer it.

Next trial: I've never traveled alone AND had never met a girls family. Taylore and I planned for me to go visit her and to meet her family (I just got back from that trip last week and it was great!).

Cue the anxiety... There was NO WAY I could fly on my own, no way I could meet a girls parents... So I prayed. I asked my Heavenly Father to help me conquer it; not to remove the anxiety but to allow me to channel it.

Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. I had a flight delay the night I was supposed to fly out, so I headed back home to try to sleep (but honestly it was more tossing and turning and being anxious all night). The next day, I landed in Tennessee and walked out of my gate and boom, there she was. Anxiety gone.

As we drove to meet her family, the anxiety came back. But having faith in Heavenly Father, I focused on the positive thoughts, focused on breathing and refused to allow my anxiety to control or ruin this trip. We arrived at her house and as soon as I started talking to her parents, boom, anxiety was gone.

My anxiety never completely vanished on this trip; and even the night I was supposed to fly back home, I had ANOTHER flight delay - which meant more anxiety. But Heavenly Father definitely was there, helping me through this trial, just as He has with other trials in my life.

I've had so many blessings in life, some larger than others, but I am a full believer that Taylore was brought into my life for a reason. One of those reasons was to help me learn to control my anxiety through the experiences I've had since we started talking. She has been a HUGE blessing in my life and I cannot wait to see what is in store for our future together 💓

The point of this blog post was, basically, to touch on blessings and how they come in different forms and God doesn't always bless us by taking things away that we pray to be taken away. But He does bless us by helping us THROUGH trials, which is a blessing in itself! 

So if you struggle with anxiety, with depression, or whatever other trial you have... just know that Heavenly Father is ready to help you. He probably won't take away your anxiety. He probably won't completely remove your depression, as these are trials in our lives and they provide us with an opportunity to grow; BUT HE IS READY TO HELP US gain control of these trials.

We are children of God and He wants all of us to succeed. So when you feel hopeless, know that God has an amazing plan in place for you and that life will get better. 

He will help you find your happiness.

"Above all, never lose faith in your Father in Heaven, who loves you more than you can comprehend."
-Jeffrey R. Holland-


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